Tecmo Madison is the premiere Tecmo Super Bowl tournament that draws contestants from 40+ states to Madison, Wisconsin to vie for the title of Tecmo World Champion. The largest, and most well respected Tecmo tournament in the world, Tecmo Madison has seen thousands of the top players from around the country, and the globe, converge in this college town over the last 12 years. In addition to the thousands who make the annual pilgrimage to Madison, tens of thousands have participated by watching online live streaming of the tournament over the last 4 years, which has opened an even larger audience to the beloved game of Tecmo Super Bowl and it’s thrilling potential as a viable eSport.

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Strategy – Running Plays Slot 2

T Offtackle R

Strategy – Running Plays Slot 2 In continuing our coverage in top-tier talent plays, we bring your Running Plays in Slot 2. The options may be limited, but you’ll find plays to throw off your opponent with formation mirroring or changes. R-Slot 2 (Left + A) T Power Dive The T formation is another old […]

Player Profile – sonofpatbeach

Chet & Josh - Tecmo Madison Co-Founders

Name: Josh H. Handle: sonofpatbeach Known As: Josh Madison Record: 60-17 Madison Champion: Tecmo I Elite 8 Appearances: 2 Josh H., alias sonofpatbeach, is not merely a cofounder of the Tecmo Madison tournament series. He’s also one of the most established veterans of the competitive Tecmo Super Bowl scene. Last February 2016,  he finished 5th […]

Player Profile – holzy11

Player Profile - holzy11

Name: Chet H. Handle: holzy11 Known as: Chet Madison Record: 63-16 Madison Champion: Tecmo VIII, Tecmo IX Elite 8 Appearances: 3 Chet H. is one of the co-founders of the Madison Tecmo Tournament. Opinion in the community about him is somewhat mixed with those respecting his playing ability and 3 year run as the best […]