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We’ve taken all of your feedback into consideration. At Tecmo Madison XIV, we are shaking up the format a bit. Please find the updated format below.

Tecmo Madison XIV Format:
4 Regions, 22 groups per Region, 3 players per group.

Round Robin opening rounds.

Round 2 will have a Gold bracket, Silver bracket, and Bronze bracket, each region producing 22 Gold players, 22 Silver players, 22 Bronze players. Gold Bracket competes for the cash prize and Tecmo immortality. The Silver & Bronze brackets compete for consolation prizes. Opening bracket is single elimination. Final bracket stage TBD.

Bracket seeds are determined by record and then point differential. If at the end of the round there is a two-way tie, a deathmatch will be played. If a three-way tie, a 3-man single elimination tourney will be played, where the top seed of the group gets a bye round.

In short, everyone makes the second round and keeps playing.

We are working on some new, awesome extensions for Tecmo and Tecmo Madison. We are going to start a tournament series, including qualifiers and a last chance event, that leads up and builds to Tecmo Madison — The Road To Tecmo Madison.

Overall, there will be 5 tournaments – 3 qualifiers that will be coined “Majors”, 1 Last Chance event and the main event, Tecmo Madison.

Each of the majors will contribute to a new point and seeding system for Tecmo tournaments. Players who finish in the top 4 of each major will get a guaranteed Top 6 region seed at Madison. Major winners will get an even better seeding, with preferred placement into regions.

The points system will be assigned to all tournaments that adhere to a few standard rules and formats. Those are: They must use the basic rules from Tecmo Madison, they must have more than 24 people, they must submit the scores to using the proper format, and the final portion of the tournament must be a seeded bracket, single or double elimination.

The points system is as follows:

1st 25
2nd 18
3rd 15
4th 12
5th 10
6th 8
7th 6
8th 4
9th 2
10th 1


Once your tournament has been posted on and pinned, the Tecmo Madison committee will read through and reach out to let you know if your tournament will be part of The Road To Tecmo Madison.

We will announce all the tournament majors in the coming weeks.

Players: We will keep track of your points and they will be posted on your profile as we build them out. More on this later.

Organizers: There will be further benefits to being part of the series and we will make a separate post laying out that information for you.

Good luck and godspeed during this Tecmo Bowl season.

Tecmo Dallas Recap

Tecmo Dallas I was a huge success! Thanks to everyone that came out!

Let’s Play Gaming Expo was incredible. While we were the sidecar event, it was amazing to be in the midst of 5,000 people, 1,100 of which were gamers there from all of the world to compete.

We sold out at our capped 32 and had a few no shows, but we also had notables from the local scene show up and bring it. Tecmo “God” Lee took Suicide King to the ropes, with SK squeaking out a last minute TD. Will C. (from Pan Handle Tecmo) hung with Regulator for 3.5 quarters in a tied game.

Our final 8 featured: joeygats, Regulator, Ashman, Big Hock, Nos, Neerrm, duecethasa1nt & suicideking81.

We had a TMXIII finals rematch with Regulator & Gats going head to head in a final round best of 3. They provided 3 awesome games, game 1 especially, with Regulator coming out on top.

Thanks to suicideking81 for bringing his setup so we could have a stream. If we do Tecmo Dallas again, there will be marked improvements in a lot of ways. We’ll keep ya’ll updated as always.

Tecmo Dallas I – Joeygats vs Regulator – Finals Game 1

Tecmo Dallas I – Joeygats vs Regulator – Finals Game 1
The ending of this is ridiculous. You have to watch it.

Posted by Tecmo Super Bowl on Monday, August 7, 2017

Tecmo Dallas Format & Groups!

The opening round will be modified Double Elimination! Full DE until the final round, where Loser’s Winner and Winner face off. Both Loser Winner & Winner advance to the big bracket, but the Finals winner will get the preferred seed.

The big bracket will be 16 Man Single Elimination until a Best of 3 Grand Finals!

We are hard locked at 32 players. Due to some unforeseen issues with the registration process, some potentially registered players have not fully completed their registrations.

Below are the final 28 seeds with the final 4 spots being given out game day.

Registrations will begin at 9:00 AM, Saturday, August 5th. Head to the main entrance and grab your badge. Tournament kicks off at 10:00 AM sharp!

P.S. Please know that we’ve reached out to the incomplete registrants multiple times and we are not getting responses. Assumably, these players are not coming anyway.