Tecmo Madison XIII

Tecmo Madison III

Return of the Mack
Tecmo Super Bowl World Championships
April 8, 2017
Madison, Wisconsin

Tecmo XIII – “Return of the Mack” includes both Group Play and Bracket Play. Group Play will consist of various 8-man double-elimination pools. Only the Group Winners and Group Runners-Up of each double-elimination pool will advance to Bracket Play. The initial rounds of Bracket Play will be single-elimination. Time-permitting, we again intend to re-introduce double-elimination at some point. Last year, we introduced it in the Elite 8 round. Bracket Play will be played out until only the Tecmo Madison Champion remains.



High Noon Saloon — More Info
701 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53703
(608) 268-1122


First Place: $2350
Second Place: $1400
Third Place: $750
Fourth Place: $500

**Based on registration. Payouts can go up or down.