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Tecmo Madison has partnered with the Let’s Play Gaming Expo this year. They have sponsored our field to extend the tournament payouts further but also to add a bit more to our tournament circuit.

The Let’s Play Gaming Expo is one of the most interactive conventions in the land, celebrating all of gaming, be it board, card, or video. Their third year will feature all the things you loved from the previous years, only bigger and better again! #LPGE has featured 85+ vendor tables, 80+ arcade cabinets, the national Smash Bros tournament Low Tier City, the only Classic Tetris World Championship regional qualifier, a Tecmo Madison qualifier, retro game tournaments, modern game tournaments, panels, special guests, and much, much more!

Yes, you read right. We, Tecmo Madison, are taking our talents to Dallas! August 5th, 2017 will be the first qualifier of the Tecmo Bowl XIV season, kicking off with our first qualifier in Dallas. More details to come. If you’d like to keep up to date with the upcoming Dallas qualifier, please sign up to the mailing list below:

Tecmo Madison: Dallas Sign-Up

Tecmo Madison field stacked more than ever

By Chris Vogt
TSB Writer

MADISON, Wisc. — The mayhem isn’t over.

On the brink of calling it quits, Tecmo Madison will instead showcase its largest — and most competitive — field of Tecmo Super Bowl talent it has ever provided.

An astounding 292 gaming enthusiasts will take to the 8-bit controllers in what is coined the world championship of Tecmo Super Bowl, Tecmo XIII: Return of the Mack, on April 8 at High Noon Saloon in Wisconsin’s capitol.

“This tournament is the largest, the deepest, and the most talented field we have ever assembled,” said tournament event administrator Jon Bailey. “Every year seems to be the best.”


After operating Tecmo Madison for 12 tournaments, the original founders had their sights set on nixing the event due to life-altering matters.

In comes Florida native Dave Murray.

“Tecmo Super Bowl has such a huge reach. I think we are learning this more and more each year,” said Murray, who is running Tecmo Madison for the first time since local brothers Josh and Chet H. handed it over in 2016.

“It was such a big game for so many people and now we are seeing more younger players get involved,” Murray added. “Like it has been said a million times before — the simplicity and ultra competition drive the Tecmo Bowl scene.”

What has specifically driven attention Tecmo Madison’s way this upcoming tournament, according to Murray, is media.

“The stream is going to be awesome. The commentary is going to be awesome. The venue is going to be awesome. The format is going to be awesome. The pressure is going to be intense.” — Jon Bailey, Tournament Administrator

“We are refocusing on all things media and it has reinvigorated the Tecmo Super Bowl scene,” Murray said. “With that, we are fielding not only the biggest tournament ever but possibly the most competitive.”

Murray noted that the sponsorship support and other added events have taken Tecmo XIII “to a new level.”

Koei Tecmo, Hyperkin and the Bo Jackson Give Me A Chance Foundation have teamed up with Madison Tecmo this year.

Murray said Tecmo Madison: Friday Night Retro “is a going to be a big time event as well.”

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition and NHL 95 take center stage the night before the main event.

Said Murray, “Do not miss out on a good time and make sure to come out on Friday night too.”


Region Description: Veteran

Filled with veteran bruisers, the Badger Bowl Region packs one of the biggest punches.

“This one stands out the most,” Bailey said. “It has a great mix of tournament vets, league pros, Tecmo legends, and is just deep, deep, deep.”

Defending champion Joseph Chiltowsky (JoeyGats) is the headliner.

“Gats is super focused,” Murray said. “I feel like he could double-up and go back to back.”

Adding to the mix of seasoned vets are Lucas Streiber, Erik Johnson, Matt Vogt, Louis Buennagel, Eric O’Dell, Rico Rieck, Kyle Floetl and former Madison champion Jim Bontempo.

“Other regions have obvious choices for players some want to avoid, but you could make a list of 10 or more players in that region alone that every other player would want to avoid,” Bailey said. “When half your field is dangerous, that is a stand out region.”

Not only do contenders in the Badger Bowl Region have to go up against the previous champ in JoeyGats, but they’ll also have to go through last year’s runner-up, Aaron Toner.

“The biggest surprise player perhaps ever is Toner,” said Tecmo analyst Ryan Stewart. “This player experienced very average Madison tournaments prior to his big run playing some of the best players including Chet (H.) and (2015 champion) Derek (Ruble), but ultimately losing. Then he goes on a dream run to make the final four leaving two prior Madison champions in his path.

“He won’t sneak up on anyone that’s for sure,” Stewart added of Toner.

Other notable contenders in the Badger Bowl Region include Tony James, Ryan Stewart, Barry Anderson, Todd Daniels, Corey Schultes and Jordan Willis.

Region Winner: Joseph Chiltowsky (JoeyGats)

Region Top Finishers: Jim Bontempo (JimmyB), Matt Vogt (BigMV54) and Erik Johnson (Rikster)


Region Description: Talented

The nation’s top player leads the way in the Plaza Tavern Region, which houses the most Tecmo talent overall.

Kyle Miller, also known as Regulator, undoubtedly enters every single tournament as the top seed.

“I think Regulator is always on a mission,” Murray said. “He is playing unbeatable Tecmo right now.”

The fact that Francis Buennagel (Mort1237) is participating in Tecmo XIII automatically makes him a title contender. The now-Illinois native has a decent shot at taking the Plaza Region as well.

“I think Mort is due for a huge comeback,” Murray said. “He has had some lackluster Madison performances in recent years, but he is coming in more focused and ready to rock this year.”

Some veteran contenders in the Plaza Tavern Region include Matt O’Toole, Josh H., Troy Hansen, Chris Vogt, Isaac Wright, David Tompkins and Eric Gardner.

“Plaza is a murderers row,” said JD Fox, one of Tecmo Madison’s coordinators. “Not only does it contain Regulator, who has been at the top of his game lately, but this region has four guys with above 80-percent Madison winning percentages. That is just crazy.”

Other notable contenders in the Plaza Tavern Region include James Persin, Travis Belsky, Jeremy Schroeder, Teddy Beresford and James Kuhn.

“The tournament has become one of the best all comers events around,” Bailey said. “We will take literally anyone at the tournament, give them a seat at the table, and let their game do the talking for them. We weren’t the first to do that. We just happened to have a strong local community that keeps the attendance higher than average, and everyone else comes for the spectacle and the chance to knock off a big name.”

Region Winner: Francis Buennagel (Mort1237)

Region Top Finishers: Kyle Miller (Regulator), Josh H. (SonOfPatBeach) and Isaac Wright (DisastaMasta)


Region Description: Focused

The Logan’s Region includes two recent Madison champions in Chet H.r and Derek Ruble.

“The winner of this year’s tournament is definitely going to earn his title through at least nine grueling, pressure packed games,” Bailey said. “I love being part of this kind of thing and we’re going to make sure the event, venue, and the format are worthy of the players who will be participating.”

Some veteran contenders in the Logan’s Region include Matt Miller, Jay Hasselwander, Russell Sloan, Matt Billmyer, David Thompson, Gerald Smith, Erik Merliss, Kevin Cabarello and Neil Roesler.

Kyle Nelson, who placed fourth in his first Madison tournament last year, could turn some heads again this year in the Logan’s Region.

“He’s a really good player out of Iowa,” Bailey said. “A big surprise in that players don’t usually do as well as he did at his first Madison. I’m excited to see if he can build off his performance at Tomczak 9 and overcome Regulator who took him down at Tundra 4.”

Other notable contenders in the Logan’s Region include Joe Moskwa, John Freeman, Nick Giordana, Jake Ironside,

Region Winner: Matt Miller (Ones11Fahzu)

Region Top Finishers: Chet H. (Holzy11), Derek Ruble (TecmoPsycho) and Russell Sloan (Neerm)


Region Description: Darkhorse

The High Noon Region has it all — from veteran powerhouses to darkhorse contenders.

One of the top Tecmoers in this region is Josh Aaronson, who took second 2015.

Jon Jones, William Kuether (Sconnie), Dave Brude, Tony Orenga, Jeff Bernard and former Madison champ Peter Kerins also highlight the High Noon Region.

“If I had to pick a sleeper region, High Noon would be it for me,” Fox said. “I would not be shocked if someone wins it all out of that region.”

Matt Diaz, Justin Peters, Nate Smithson, Tom Burkhardt, Nick Sovell, Joey Schmidt and Matt Knobbe could all make deep runs from the High Noon Region.

“I think Nate Smithson is on the right track to build towards an Aaron Toner like run in this year’s tournament,” Bailey said. “If I were to pick a player to make it to an Elite 8 from that second group of top seeds, Nate would be the guy which would be surprising because his overall record is not the greatest, it just seems like he’s trending the right way for success.”

Region Winner: Jon Jones (Daboy)

Region Top Finishers: Josh Aaronson (Coconuts), Jeff Bernard and Peter Kerins (Moonwalk)

JoeyGats will be competing in his third Madison tournament. Those first two years of experience will carry him to another championship title. JoeyGats does not have slumps, and he plays consistently. His silent confidence shines through an ability to match anyone, skill for skill.

Champion: Joseph Chiltowsky (JoeyGats)

Chris Vogt is a Tecmo Super Bowl enthusiast and Journalism graduate from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He is the director of Midwest Tecmo.


Bruddog made an awesome, awesome ROM to utilize in practice against the COM or your buddies. Download the ROM, fire up your emulator of choice (PC | Mac) and get to training!

Read Bruddog’s player profile:

Not sure what match to call for practice or just want to have a random Tecmo Madison match created? This is the ROM for you.

This will randomly pick a match from a set of 64 matches typically used in Tecmo Madison matchup calls.

N.O, G.B
S.D, K.C
S.D, T.B


Handle: joeygats
Known As: Gats/Joe
Madison Record: 18-2
Madison Champion: Tecmo XII
Elite 8 Appearances: 1

Joeygats is an interesting study in how the real-life version of a player is different than the person with the handle on the message board. One of the previously most hated players in the online community, Joeygats has been mired in a few minor scandals and has been banned at various times from online leagues. Gats’ crimes include rampant cheating, accusations of repeated rage quitting, and a general sense that Gats is always up to something when playing online. Joeygats, however, is one of the best live Tecmo players around, his quiet personality and unusual way of sitting and playing the game creating a riveting spectacle. The constant theme running through Gats’ play both online and in live play is a frightening dedication to the game itself and to winning. The cheating, the rage quitting, the frankly bizarre antics at tournaments are all because the game literally means more to him than anything else in the world. Tecmo the game is literally his life – he has no other passions, no other pursuits. Joey is the person who managed to surpass Sconnie’s record for games played in the Tecmo Players Circuit, spending hours at the Philadelphia Public Library using a computer there to rack up game after game after game. Tecmo is his love, it is his life, and it is our fault if we do not understand that dedication.

Joeygats’ play style is built around the pass with a grudging acceptance that running is important. Not the greatest tapper, Joey spends games making sure his runners have blockers and that his receivers have space to move. Given enough acceleration room and the right player, Joey has an array of feints, fakes, and maneuvers to insure he’s gaining positive yards while setting up the man defender for a block from a drone or a small misstep costing speed. He is a dedicated defender, trying at all times to force a ball carrier into a gang tackle with himself and his drones. His play style is built around numbers on both offense and defense while using his superior experience – 1000+ recorded games and counting – to overwhelm his opponent. Unfortunately for Joey, his play style is also attached to his personality. If he isn’t comfortable, he falls apart. Joey does not necessarily lose because he is worse than his opponent, he loses because his mental strength disappears at the wrong time.

A good analogy for Joeygats is Dabo Swinney. Like Dabo, Joey is going to throw the ball around the park as he considers this the best way for him to win. Like Dabo, he’ll grudgingly run the ball since that will keep defenses honest and allow him to score enough to win. Like Dabo, his defenses will be built around throwing as many bodies at the problem until it’s solved. Like Dabo, he’s a quirky guy with an odd sense of what works and what doesn’t on the field. And like Dabo, his dedication to winning above all things lands him into hot water occasionally and his need for things to be his way causes any deviation from script to be multiplied exponentially.

Watch a reply of Joey’s championship game:
Watch live video from TecmoBowl on

Joeygats’ recent Thunderdome IX Elite 8 match vs DisastaMasta is one to watch.
Watch live video from war_machine0323 on

Name: Dave Brude
Handle: bruddog
Known As: bruddog (brew-dog)
Madison Record: 12-4
Madison Champion: N/A
Elite 8 Appearances: N/A

No one tournament player has delved deeper into the inner workings of the game than Bruddog. He has plumbed the depths of the code, done notation on it, and has revealed more insight into the game than any tournament player ever. This depth of knowledge actually has a practical application in tournament play – He literally knows what’s wrong with your team, what’s best about his team, and what is going to happen if certain players interact with each other. This makes Bruddog an incredibly difficult player to play against because you can’t overcome the knowledge deficit. Unfortunately, this knowledge has yet to translate into deep runs in the tournament. Partly, it’s luck – the draw at times has been very unforgiving for him; however, the other part is that Bruddog cannot tap. Being the worst tapper in the world is not a detriment to a player’s game, but he seems to find himself in situations too often where his lack of tapping causes all kinds of issues. This forces him to play almost perfectly, which is a difficult thing to do over the course of 9+ games.

Bruddog’s play style is a wonderful thing to watch. His playbook is no different than anyone else’s at the top level. It’s how he plays the playbook out that is the best thing about his game. He rarely has a play called, he doesn’t lean on any one play, he throws when the opponent calls run on defense, he runs when the opponent calls pass on defense, he mixes up his plays effectively, and doesn’t make many mistakes. He is a highly technical player who thrives in matchups that tend to favor those with the best skill and knowledge depth. He seeks out matchups and teams that give him incremental edges across the field and uses his knowledge to compound those increments into victories. His losses come to superior tappers that know how to isolate Bruddog as a ball carrier or isolate Bruddog as the lone defender; or he loses to players through matchups that require little knowledge to maximize advantages.

Bruddog is the Tecmo version of Bill Belichick. He is the consummate student of Tecmo with knowledge unparalleled at the tournament level. His experience and ability to play with any team in any potential way make him a difficult opponent. He can overcome most anything opponents throw at him. However, the inability to adjust his game to accommodate his lack of tapping is – like Belichick’s maniacal belief in his way over all others – a flaw in an otherwise great player.

Bruddog is one of our picks to make a deep run at Tecmo Madison XIII. Do you think Tecmo XIII is his year?

Bruddog had an epic battle vs Drake in the online tournament, Thunderdome IX Round of 20. This is worth 20mins of your time.
Watch live video from war_machine0323 on