Name: Dave Brude
Handle: bruddog
Known As: bruddog (brew-dog)
Madison Record: 12-4
Madison Champion: N/A
Elite 8 Appearances: N/A

No one tournament player has delved deeper into the inner workings of the game than Bruddog. He has plumbed the depths of the code, done notation on it, and has revealed more insight into the game than any tournament player ever. This depth of knowledge actually has a practical application in tournament play – He literally knows what’s wrong with your team, what’s best about his team, and what is going to happen if certain players interact with each other. This makes Bruddog an incredibly difficult player to play against because you can’t overcome the knowledge deficit. Unfortunately, this knowledge has yet to translate into deep runs in the tournament. Partly, it’s luck – the draw at times has been very unforgiving for him; however, the other part is that Bruddog cannot tap. Being the worst tapper in the world is not a detriment to a player’s game, but he seems to find himself in situations too often where his lack of tapping causes all kinds of issues. This forces him to play almost perfectly, which is a difficult thing to do over the course of 9+ games.

Bruddog’s play style is a wonderful thing to watch. His playbook is no different than anyone else’s at the top level. It’s how he plays the playbook out that is the best thing about his game. He rarely has a play called, he doesn’t lean on any one play, he throws when the opponent calls run on defense, he runs when the opponent calls pass on defense, he mixes up his plays effectively, and doesn’t make many mistakes. He is a highly technical player who thrives in matchups that tend to favor those with the best skill and knowledge depth. He seeks out matchups and teams that give him incremental edges across the field and uses his knowledge to compound those increments into victories. His losses come to superior tappers that know how to isolate Bruddog as a ball carrier or isolate Bruddog as the lone defender; or he loses to players through matchups that require little knowledge to maximize advantages.

Bruddog is the Tecmo version of Bill Belichick. He is the consummate student of Tecmo with knowledge unparalleled at the tournament level. His experience and ability to play with any team in any potential way make him a difficult opponent. He can overcome most anything opponents throw at him. However, the inability to adjust his game to accommodate his lack of tapping is – like Belichick’s maniacal belief in his way over all others – a flaw in an otherwise great player.

Bruddog is one of our picks to make a deep run at Tecmo Madison XIII. Do you think Tecmo XIII is his year?

Bruddog had an epic battle vs Drake in the online tournament, Thunderdome IX Round of 20. This is worth 20mins of your time.
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