Player Profile - holzy11Name: Chet H.
Handle: holzy11
Known as: Chet
Madison Record: 63-16
Madison Champion: Tecmo VIII, Tecmo IX
Elite 8 Appearances: 3

Chet H. is one of the co-founders of the Madison Tecmo Tournament. Opinion in the community about him is somewhat mixed with those respecting his playing ability and 3 year run as the best player in Tecmo while others seem to dismiss him “just a tapper.” In the years leading up to Chet’s emergence as the dominant force in the tournament scene, his largest handicap was an inability to out tap a single person. It was a giant chink in his armor as a player – one he solved in rather dramatic fashion. This change from a good player with a large flaw to hide/overcome into a dominant force was not an easy one for Chet to make. However, his innate competitiveness allowed him to embrace his role as top dog and he proceeded to go on one of the best runs in live Tecmo history never finishing below second place in any tournament he entered for the best part of 3 years. He has compiled a verified (and completely ludicrous) 166-27 record in all tournament play, the most wins by any one competitor in recorded Tecmo tournament history.

Chet’s playing style is built around his ability to out-tap 99.99% of competitors in Tecmo. In tournament play, Chet will run, run, run, force you to call run, then throw over the top to wide open WRs all over the field. He plays a relatively conservative offense paired with a high-quality defense built around isolating his superior tapping against your ball carrier with no blockers around. Additionally, though they are slightly rusty from non-use, Chet still maintains his entire arsenal of tricks from his non-tapper days allowing him to surprise opponents with dives, patience in the run game allowing blockers to arrive, and the ability to run a short throw passing attack to maintain ball control without running.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Look, the best analogy for Chet is Nick Saban. He knows he can stop you. He knows he can out tap you. He knows he is more than likely able to out-talent you. He’s going to keep it simple: run, pass to the open receiver, limit turnovers, and win.

Chet is featured throughout the NFL Films doc.