Name: Kyle Miller
Handle: Regulator
Known As: Regulator/Reg
Madison Record: 35-5
Madison Champion: Tecmo X
Elite 8 Appearances: 3

Regulator’s 4-year quest to dethrone Chet and establish himself as the pre-eminent player in tournament Tecmo would make an unbelievable movie. Regulator started in Tecmo VII, taking a rough loss in the second single-elim round, but learned enough about what he needed to do to make it at gigantic large tournaments to begin an amazing run. In Tecmo VIII he loses to Chet in the final. He wins Detroit, then loses twice to Chet in the finals of Tecmo IX. He goes through a slump at Detroit and Ohio, but emerges with a new, improved game and walks through everyone including beating Chet twice to take a much-deserved title. He proceeds to win Ohio, Detroit, Ohio (again), Iowa, Detroit (again), before losing to Aaron Toner in the Sweet 16 of Tecmo XII. That run cemented his status as an all-time great in tournament Tecmo Bowl, and his overall record and win total make him one of the 3 best tournament Tecmo Super Bowl players ever.

Regulator’s game was originally designed around one thing and one thing only – tapping. He had zero challengers as a tapper and actually earned a mocking label as “just a tapper” from the community. And it was partially true. Because he could out-tap literally anyone he played, he never developed any other skills. His defense was built around using man controlled defenders to isolate and take down ball carriers. Reg was an elite player with one elite skill, which in modern Tecmo Bowl isn’t enough. He learned from his defeats to Chet and finally started developing the all-around game that separates the best from the merely great. Once he established the ability to pass short, pass intermediate, run with blockers, and defend the field with drones and man controlled defenders, his tapping ability was amplified creating one of the best ever.

Jim Harbaugh is the first name that comes to mind when thinking about a coach analogous to Regulator. When playing, Reg is an intense, crazily competitive player. And he prefers that Harbaugh-like smashmouth football, but can pass his way out of most jams now. Much like Harbaugh, Regulator will take his team and crush you with it, then take your team and crush you playing his team. He really is that good.

Coming off his most recent undefeated run through Tecmo Madison qualifier, Tundra Bowl IV, Regulator is the man to beat. He will be Tecmo Madison XIII’s top seed and it is rightfully deserved.

Regulator is featured throughout the NFL Films doc.