Tecmo XIV Registration


Tecmo Madison XIV Registration
Saturday, April 7th, 2018

Almost 75% full!

2018 brings Tecmo Madison XIV, the Tecmo Super Bowl World Championship back to Madison, WI! The field has been reduced to 264 players this year to maximize the experience.

With revamped group stage and bracket stages, Tecmo XIV offers the most amount of games in nearly a decade as well as side events, Tecmo challenges, unbelievable raffle prizes for charity and so much more.

Tecmo XIV is an event to not be missed. Hotel and other important information will be distributed once signed up.

Still curious? Watch last year’s recap:

Each participant will receive:

  • Hyperkin Totebag
  • Tournament T-Shirt
  • Packs of Various 89-91 Football cards
  • $20 in free rides from Lyft (new accounts only)
  • Free Raffle entry to MEET BO JACKSON!
  • Much more!

Please read –> Tournament registrations are for the registrantĀ only. Our tournament is an open-seeded bracket. Any giveaway or exchange of hands is not allowed.

Registrations are non-refundable. If you are unable to make the event, please be upfront. Don’t be the guy who no-shows. Spots are limited and coveted.

Registration is subject to cancellation. If canceled, full refunds will beĀ given for event registrations. Raffles are non-refundable.

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