Tecmo Super Bowl Strategy – Running Plays Slot 1

Of the 32 running plays and 32 passing plays in the full Tecmo Super Bowl play library, 95% of the tournament players will use between 8-10 runs and 9-11 passes. This limited selection exists for a good reason; most of the runs and passes can be blown up by the novice player. Trick plays are practically non-existent as are all but one play action pass. Tecmo Bowl is a game built around speed, the longer your play takes to develop, the more time the opponent has to make an aggressive play on the ball.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

R-Slot 1 (Up + A)

R and S Sweep Up

One of the most basic plays out of the 4 receiver, 1 RB Run and Shoot system. Line blocks man on man, outside top receiver blocks immediate DB in front, RB takes pitch from QB, tries to grab yards. Standard gain in top level play is about 2-4 yards. An easy way to gain some yards. When run effectively against a player not using the top DB, can grab 6+ yards. Not a play that is broke for huge gains.



Toss Sweep R
Toss Sweep R

The Off-Set I formation has become a heavy part of newer play styles as it affords a lead blocker on most running plays. Line blocks man on man, downside receiver blocks DB in front, the TE is on the playside of the formation and provides another solid blocker, and the lead blocker seeks and destroys the next available defender, which happens to be the man defender who has gone free due to player control. When run effectively, can grab 5-6 yards easily with a chance to break one for bigger gains.