Closing our coverage in top-tier talent running plays, we bring you Running Plays in Slot 4. QB Sneaks can be sneaky. We like to use them. What are your favorites so far?

R and S QB Run                    R and S QB Sneak

R and S QB Run R and S QB Sneak

These two plays are similar slot 4 placeholders for pure R and S playbooks. The QB run involves a few frames of the QB turning and running while moving backwards while the QB sneak involves a few frames of pausing at the end of a short dropback. Both are used as surprise runs by pass-heavy players to move the chains, elite players try to put another run in this spot if possible.

FB Power Dive
FB Power Dive

A powerful dive play from a powerful formation in tournament Tecmo. The player gets a lead blocker plus a TE blocking on the play side. Unlike the T formation dives, this one is a little more difficult to blow up because a defender has to come from the topside instead of the bottom of the formation – there are too many potential high hitting power blockers for a bottom formation player to knife in and stop the ball carrier. This run hits for big yardage against inexperienced players and is good for 4-5 yards a pop against even elite level talent.

*NB There is another T-Formation Dive that can go in slot 4, it is the same exact play as the T-Formation Dive in slot 2.

What are your thoughts on the running game so far? Have you identified any new plays that you may try to implement? Let us know in the comments!