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Tecmo Madison has officially partnered with Hyperkin and we are proud to announce that we are POWERED BY Hyperkin! The Hyperkin RetroN 1 is the perfect aftermarket NES system for Tecmo Madison providing consistent quality throughout the tournament. We are excited to upgrade all of our stations to the Hyperkin RetroN 1, the best retro console on the market.

As a participant in Tecmo Madison you will notice no gameplay difference between the RetroN 1 and an original NES when connected to a CRT television – the play is flawless. Hyperkin has supplied the RetroN1s to all of us to help with one of our greatest needs…. systems!

We are pumped to have Hyperkin aboard as our console partner and are excited for our future together with Tecmo Madison + Hyperkin!

See you on April 7th!

Long Live Tecmo,