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Chet & Josh - Tecmo Madison Co-Founders
Chet & Josh (right) – Tecmo Madison Co-Founders

Name: Josh H.
Handle: sonofpatbeach
Known As: Josh
Madison Record: 60-17
Madison Champion: Tecmo I
Elite 8 Appearances: 2

Josh H., alias sonofpatbeach, is not merely a cofounder of the Tecmo Madison tournament series. He’s also one of the most established veterans of the competitive Tecmo Super Bowl scene.

Last February 2016,  he finished 5th at Tecmo Madison XII, but he doesn’t take his success for granted.

“It’s my goal every year to make the elite 8,” says Josh. “I’m more proud of making the Elite 8 the last two years than I am of winning the first one.”

While also the winner of Tecmo Madison I, Johs has reached the Elite 8 in exactly half the Tecmo Madison tournaments while advancing to the final four in three of them. He is one of two players to reach 60 Tecmo Madison wins, with a total winning percentage of over 75 at Madison and other major tournaments.

Josh’s other championship victory came in 2013  when he defeated his brother, Chet, at Tomczak Bowl VI. Josh cites his late 4th-quarter throw from “Marino-to-Excellent-Jensen” as a defining moment in his Tecmo career.

The Tecmo Madison tournament, which grew this year to 268 contenders strong, began with a bracket of 20 in 2004.

“We told all of our friends (naturally), and we made a single post on the discussion forums at Madison.com. That was all,” Josh says of Madison I’s promotion.

This year is the last time the brothers will co-lead Tecmo Madison.

“Throughout the [Madison XII] tournament, I took pictures with groups of 12-year guys, 11-year guys, 10-year guys, all the way down to 1-year guys,” says Josh.

What is it that has made him a top contender for twelve years strong?

“I don’t think my actual playing style is very memorable,” explains Josh. “The most distinctive thing is probably the senseless grunting and shoulder shimmies.”

Sonofpatbeach was in top form during the Tomczak Bowl VI semifinal match in which he dished a rare lopsided loss to established veteran Mort.

Scramble drill specialist

Josh’s Majik Man scrambling is on another level.

On his fourth offensive drive, Beach’s Don Majkowski concludes a time-milking drive in a fashion that would make Bernie Kosar proud. After stiff-arming Patrick Swilling while grapple-tossing Renaldo Turnbell, Majkowski jukes Vaughan Johnson only to slip the ‘skin to Woodside just out of reach of Mort’s Massey. Just like that, Beach pwns the Saints’ four best defenders like it was nothing, going up two scores in the fourth quarter.

Field position strategist

Beach performs two non-desperate onside kick to Mort. He seems intent on not only negating the threat of Tecmo’s top return specialist, Saint’s Ironhead Hewyard, but also diminishing the deep passing game so Eric Martin can’t beat painfully weak Packers free safety, Chuck Cecil (38ms / 31int), which led to Mort’s first score. Beach’s second onside kick has the desired effect: a key turnover is earned when Jerry Holmes (44ms / 50int), appearing to be in at least “good” condition, blankets Fourcade’s bomb to Martin for the pick.

Shrugs and shoulder shimmies

No matter the competitive stakes, Josh remains one cool Beach.

“Since I always drink when I play in tournaments, I always replicate that environment in practice sessions. It’s supposed to be fun, after all,” says Josh.

In the live recording of his semifinal versus Mort, Beach is seen insisting that a dropped red zone pass by Mort’s Woodside behind the line of scrimmage ought to be live.

“FUMBLE!!!” he says directly to Mort, obviously joking, which forces his opponent to secrete a rare in-game smile.

But perhaps Beach’s brother-and-nemesis captured it best. Two days after their championship face-off at Tomczak VI, Chet perfectly explains why his brother howled during his game-winning 4th quarter drive.

“It was an intimidation-based condition check. Josh knew Jensen was in excellent. Dan [Marino] knew Jensen was in excellent. And they both knew that I knew Jensen was in excellent. It worked.” [1]

Looking ahead to Madison XIII, Josh will be seeking his fifth elite eight appearance. Expect him to make the sweet 16 at the very least. Look for Josh add to his trove of Tecmo memories, and to have a hell of a time doing it.

Josh is featured throughout the NFL Films doc.


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