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 Name: Matthew Vogt
Handle: bigmv54
Known As: Matt/Matty V
Madison Record: 26-6
Madison Champion: N/A
Elite 8 Appearances: 2

Matt Vogt has the unenviable position of being one of the three best Tecmo players during a time in which the other 2 were apex-level Chet and Kyle “Regulator” Miller, the man to finally dethrone Chet. During the 4-year period when those three were constantly battling for Tecmo supremacy, no other player – literally zero other players – won a tournament in which at least two of those three entered. In most of those tournaments two of those three were playing in the final. The Tecmo played during that time was of such an intense style that it is amazing that all three of them didn’t burn out when it was done. The distance between Matt and the next best Tecmoer was greater than at any point in recorded tournament play and yet the distance between Matt and the Chet/Regulator duopoly seem immense. While Matt’s .791 winning percentage in all tournaments seems low compared to other elite players, of the non-Chet/Regulator players above him, no one is within 30 wins of his total. Being third best in an era in which the two of the 3 all-time tournament greats (Chet, Regulator, Sobhi) were at their peak is nothing to scoff at.  

Matt’s playing style is aggression in its purest form. He runs the ball on offense, seeks out the defender controlled by his opponent, out-taps him, and then runs down the field. His style is built around generating one v one situations, winning them, and then moving down the field. If you can avoid him with your controlled player, hope that your drones surround him, then snipe at him from distance, you can shut him down – but that is a damn hard thing to do to a player of his caliber. That same aggression translates into his defensive work as well, taking the Sobhi theory of defensive backs being the best and only defender to use to its fullest extent, Matt bombs in from the defensive backfield to generate pressure on ball carriers. His defense is designed around pressure of the ball carrier from the secondary to keep a player in bounds and force turnovers. He plays an aggressive game that fits him perfectly: loud, proud, and (usually) victorious.

Barry Switzer is the first coach to come to mind when thinking of a nice analogy. Barry would run a highly aggressive, loud, boisterous defense at Oklahoma while telling you how his offense is “gonna hang half a hundred on ya.” Matt would have fit in perfectly on those 70s and 80s Oklahoma teams, running the option, getting physical with the opponent, punishing players on both sides of the ball. When it’s rolling, you can see the emotional momentum carry Matt along; when it isn’t working, you can see the effect and watch him deflate into defeat.

BigMV’s appearance in the NFL Films doc begins at 9:28

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