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Handle: joeygats
Known As: Gats/Joe
Madison Record: 18-2
Madison Champion: Tecmo XII
Elite 8 Appearances: 1

Joeygats is an interesting study in how the real-life version of a player is different than the person with the handle on the message board. One of the previously most hated players in the online community, Joeygats has been mired in a few minor scandals and has been banned at various times from online leagues. Gats’ crimes include rampant cheating, accusations of repeated rage quitting, and a general sense that Gats is always up to something when playing online. Joeygats, however, is one of the best live Tecmo players around, his quiet personality and unusual way of sitting and playing the game creating a riveting spectacle. The constant theme running through Gats’ play both online and in live play is a frightening dedication to the game itself and to winning. The cheating, the rage quitting, the frankly bizarre antics at tournaments are all because the game literally means more to him than anything else in the world. Tecmo the game is literally his life – he has no other passions, no other pursuits. Joey is the person who managed to surpass Sconnie’s record for games played in the Tecmo Players Circuit, spending hours at the Philadelphia Public Library using a computer there to rack up game after game after game. Tecmo is his love, it is his life, and it is our fault if we do not understand that dedication.

Joeygats’ play style is built around the pass with a grudging acceptance that running is important. Not the greatest tapper, Joey spends games making sure his runners have blockers and that his receivers have space to move. Given enough acceleration room and the right player, Joey has an array of feints, fakes, and maneuvers to insure he’s gaining positive yards while setting up the man defender for a block from a drone or a small misstep costing speed. He is a dedicated defender, trying at all times to force a ball carrier into a gang tackle with himself and his drones. His play style is built around numbers on both offense and defense while using his superior experience – 1000+ recorded games and counting – to overwhelm his opponent. Unfortunately for Joey, his play style is also attached to his personality. If he isn’t comfortable, he falls apart. Joey does not necessarily lose because he is worse than his opponent, he loses because his mental strength disappears at the wrong time.

A good analogy for Joeygats is Dabo Swinney. Like Dabo, Joey is going to throw the ball around the park as he considers this the best way for him to win. Like Dabo, he’ll grudgingly run the ball since that will keep defenses honest and allow him to score enough to win. Like Dabo, his defenses will be built around throwing as many bodies at the problem until it’s solved. Like Dabo, he’s a quirky guy with an odd sense of what works and what doesn’t on the field. And like Dabo, his dedication to winning above all things lands him into hot water occasionally and his need for things to be his way causes any deviation from script to be multiplied exponentially.

Watch a reply of Joey’s championship game:
Watch live video from TecmoBowl on www.twitch.tv

Joeygats’ recent Thunderdome IX Elite 8 match vs DisastaMasta is one to watch.
Watch live video from war_machine0323 on www.twitch.tv

Name: Dave Brude
Handle: bruddog
Known As: bruddog (brew-dog)
Madison Record: 12-4
Madison Champion: N/A
Elite 8 Appearances: N/A

No one tournament player has delved deeper into the inner workings of the game than Bruddog. He has plumbed the depths of the code, done notation on it, and has revealed more insight into the game than any tournament player ever. This depth of knowledge actually has a practical application in tournament play – He literally knows what’s wrong with your team, what’s best about his team, and what is going to happen if certain players interact with each other. This makes Bruddog an incredibly difficult player to play against because you can’t overcome the knowledge deficit. Unfortunately, this knowledge has yet to translate into deep runs in the tournament. Partly, it’s luck – the draw at times has been very unforgiving for him; however, the other part is that Bruddog cannot tap. Being the worst tapper in the world is not a detriment to a player’s game, but he seems to find himself in situations too often where his lack of tapping causes all kinds of issues. This forces him to play almost perfectly, which is a difficult thing to do over the course of 9+ games.

Bruddog’s play style is a wonderful thing to watch. His playbook is no different than anyone else’s at the top level. It’s how he plays the playbook out that is the best thing about his game. He rarely has a play called, he doesn’t lean on any one play, he throws when the opponent calls run on defense, he runs when the opponent calls pass on defense, he mixes up his plays effectively, and doesn’t make many mistakes. He is a highly technical player who thrives in matchups that tend to favor those with the best skill and knowledge depth. He seeks out matchups and teams that give him incremental edges across the field and uses his knowledge to compound those increments into victories. His losses come to superior tappers that know how to isolate Bruddog as a ball carrier or isolate Bruddog as the lone defender; or he loses to players through matchups that require little knowledge to maximize advantages.

Bruddog is the Tecmo version of Bill Belichick. He is the consummate student of Tecmo with knowledge unparalleled at the tournament level. His experience and ability to play with any team in any potential way make him a difficult opponent. He can overcome most anything opponents throw at him. However, the inability to adjust his game to accommodate his lack of tapping is – like Belichick’s maniacal belief in his way over all others – a flaw in an otherwise great player.

Bruddog is one of our picks to make a deep run at Tecmo Madison XIII. Do you think Tecmo XIII is his year?

Bruddog had an epic battle vs Drake in the online tournament, Thunderdome IX Round of 20. This is worth 20mins of your time.
Watch live video from war_machine0323 on www.twitch.tv

Name: Kyle Miller
Handle: Regulator
Known As: Regulator/Reg
Madison Record: 35-5
Madison Champion: Tecmo X
Elite 8 Appearances: 3

Regulator’s 4-year quest to dethrone Chet and establish himself as the pre-eminent player in tournament Tecmo would make an unbelievable movie. Regulator started in Tecmo VII, taking a rough loss in the second single-elim round, but learned enough about what he needed to do to make it at gigantic large tournaments to begin an amazing run. In Tecmo VIII he loses to Chet in the final. He wins Detroit, then loses twice to Chet in the finals of Tecmo IX. He goes through a slump at Detroit and Ohio, but emerges with a new, improved game and walks through everyone including beating Chet twice to take a much-deserved title. He proceeds to win Ohio, Detroit, Ohio (again), Iowa, Detroit (again), before losing to Aaron Toner in the Sweet 16 of Tecmo XII. That run cemented his status as an all-time great in tournament Tecmo Bowl, and his overall record and win total make him one of the 3 best tournament Tecmo Super Bowl players ever.

Regulator’s game was originally designed around one thing and one thing only – tapping. He had zero challengers as a tapper and actually earned a mocking label as “just a tapper” from the community. And it was partially true. Because he could out-tap literally anyone he played, he never developed any other skills. His defense was built around using man controlled defenders to isolate and take down ball carriers. Reg was an elite player with one elite skill, which in modern Tecmo Bowl isn’t enough. He learned from his defeats to Chet and finally started developing the all-around game that separates the best from the merely great. Once he established the ability to pass short, pass intermediate, run with blockers, and defend the field with drones and man controlled defenders, his tapping ability was amplified creating one of the best ever.

Jim Harbaugh is the first name that comes to mind when thinking about a coach analogous to Regulator. When playing, Reg is an intense, crazily competitive player. And he prefers that Harbaugh-like smashmouth football, but can pass his way out of most jams now. Much like Harbaugh, Regulator will take his team and crush you with it, then take your team and crush you playing his team. He really is that good.

Coming off his most recent undefeated run through Tecmo Madison qualifier, Tundra Bowl IV, Regulator is the man to beat. He will be Tecmo Madison XIII’s top seed and it is rightfully deserved.

Regulator is featured throughout the NFL Films doc.

Player Profile - holzy11Name: Chet H.
Handle: holzy11
Known as: Chet
Madison Record: 63-16
Madison Champion: Tecmo VIII, Tecmo IX
Elite 8 Appearances: 3

Chet H. is one of the co-founders of the Madison Tecmo Tournament. Opinion in the community about him is somewhat mixed with those respecting his playing ability and 3 year run as the best player in Tecmo while others seem to dismiss him “just a tapper.” In the years leading up to Chet’s emergence as the dominant force in the tournament scene, his largest handicap was an inability to out tap a single person. It was a giant chink in his armor as a player – one he solved in rather dramatic fashion. This change from a good player with a large flaw to hide/overcome into a dominant force was not an easy one for Chet to make. However, his innate competitiveness allowed him to embrace his role as top dog and he proceeded to go on one of the best runs in live Tecmo history never finishing below second place in any tournament he entered for the best part of 3 years. He has compiled a verified (and completely ludicrous) 166-27 record in all tournament play, the most wins by any one competitor in recorded Tecmo tournament history.

Chet’s playing style is built around his ability to out-tap 99.99% of competitors in Tecmo. In tournament play, Chet will run, run, run, force you to call run, then throw over the top to wide open WRs all over the field. He plays a relatively conservative offense paired with a high-quality defense built around isolating his superior tapping against your ball carrier with no blockers around. Additionally, though they are slightly rusty from non-use, Chet still maintains his entire arsenal of tricks from his non-tapper days allowing him to surprise opponents with dives, patience in the run game allowing blockers to arrive, and the ability to run a short throw passing attack to maintain ball control without running.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Look, the best analogy for Chet is Nick Saban. He knows he can stop you. He knows he can out tap you. He knows he is more than likely able to out-talent you. He’s going to keep it simple: run, pass to the open receiver, limit turnovers, and win.

Chet is featured throughout the NFL Films doc.

 Name: Matthew Vogt
Handle: bigmv54
Known As: Matt/Matty V
Madison Record: 26-6
Madison Champion: N/A
Elite 8 Appearances: 2

Matt Vogt has the unenviable position of being one of the three best Tecmo players during a time in which the other 2 were apex-level Chet and Kyle “Regulator” Miller, the man to finally dethrone Chet. During the 4-year period when those three were constantly battling for Tecmo supremacy, no other player – literally zero other players – won a tournament in which at least two of those three entered. In most of those tournaments two of those three were playing in the final. The Tecmo played during that time was of such an intense style that it is amazing that all three of them didn’t burn out when it was done. The distance between Matt and the next best Tecmoer was greater than at any point in recorded tournament play and yet the distance between Matt and the Chet/Regulator duopoly seem immense. While Matt’s .791 winning percentage in all tournaments seems low compared to other elite players, of the non-Chet/Regulator players above him, no one is within 30 wins of his total. Being third best in an era in which the two of the 3 all-time tournament greats (Chet, Regulator, Sobhi) were at their peak is nothing to scoff at.  

Matt’s playing style is aggression in its purest form. He runs the ball on offense, seeks out the defender controlled by his opponent, out-taps him, and then runs down the field. His style is built around generating one v one situations, winning them, and then moving down the field. If you can avoid him with your controlled player, hope that your drones surround him, then snipe at him from distance, you can shut him down – but that is a damn hard thing to do to a player of his caliber. That same aggression translates into his defensive work as well, taking the Sobhi theory of defensive backs being the best and only defender to use to its fullest extent, Matt bombs in from the defensive backfield to generate pressure on ball carriers. His defense is designed around pressure of the ball carrier from the secondary to keep a player in bounds and force turnovers. He plays an aggressive game that fits him perfectly: loud, proud, and (usually) victorious.

Barry Switzer is the first coach to come to mind when thinking of a nice analogy. Barry would run a highly aggressive, loud, boisterous defense at Oklahoma while telling you how his offense is “gonna hang half a hundred on ya.” Matt would have fit in perfectly on those 70s and 80s Oklahoma teams, running the option, getting physical with the opponent, punishing players on both sides of the ball. When it’s rolling, you can see the emotional momentum carry Matt along; when it isn’t working, you can see the effect and watch him deflate into defeat.

BigMV’s appearance in the NFL Films doc begins at 9:28

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