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Tecmo Madison PARTNER Spotlight: SEATGEEK

SeatGeek is a ticket search engine that makes finding tickets to live entertainment a cinch. They search dozens of the biggest ticket sites and present the results all in one place. SeatGeek’s Deal Score system analyzes thousands of ticket listings and rates the best bargains. The higher the Deal Score, the better the value.

When you use this Tecmo Madison link (tecmo.cc/SeatGeek), you’ll be sure to grab the best discount in your area for every event – sports games, concerts or otherwise.

We appreciate being able to give this awesome discount to our attendees and are beyond excited for Tecmo Madison XIV – we hope you are too!

See you in seven weeks on the retro game-gridiron!
-Dave & Tecmo Madison Crew

Tecmo Madison Sponsor Spotlight: LYFT

Lyft will be offering $20 in free rides to everyone at Tecmo Madson XIV on April 7th, 2018. You can have an extra Spotted Cow or another basket of curds thanks to Lyft!

We appreciate being able to give this incredible gift to our attendees and are beyond excited for Tecmo Madison XIV – we hope you are too!

Please note: this $20 is for new sign-ups only. So, if you don’t have an account yet, don’t make one until you get your code at Tecmo Madison XIV driven by Lyft!

See you in a few months on the retro game-gridiron!
-Dave & Tecmo Madison Crew


Koei Tecmo is hooking you up if you get into the Top 12! All Top 12 finishers will get a 6-pack of awesome, new Koei Tecmo releases for PS4!

  • Attack on Titan
  • Berserk and the Band of the Hawk
  • Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey
  • Toukiden 2
  • Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers
  • Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

Prizes will be distributed as a download code for use in the PS Store. Finishers will be determined by Placement > Record > Point Differential.

Tecmo Madison has partnered with the Let’s Play Gaming Expo this year. They have sponsored our field to extend the tournament payouts further but also to add a bit more to our tournament circuit.

The Let’s Play Gaming Expo is one of the most interactive conventions in the land, celebrating all of gaming, be it board, card, or video. Their third year will feature all the things you loved from the previous years, only bigger and better again! #LPGE has featured 85+ vendor tables, 80+ arcade cabinets, the national Smash Bros tournament Low Tier City, the only Classic Tetris World Championship regional qualifier, a Tecmo Madison qualifier, retro game tournaments, modern game tournaments, panels, special guests, and much, much more!

Yes, you read right. We, Tecmo Madison, are taking our talents to Dallas! August 5th, 2017 will be the first qualifier of the Tecmo Bowl XIV season, kicking off with our first qualifier in Dallas. More details to come. If you’d like to keep up to date with the upcoming Dallas qualifier, please sign up to the mailing list below:

Tecmo Madison: Dallas Sign-Up

Tecmo Madison has officially partnered with Hyperkin and we are proud to announce that we are POWERED BY Hyperkin! The Hyperkin RetroN 1 is the perfect aftermarket NES system for Tecmo Madison providing consistent quality throughout the tournament. We are excited to upgrade all of our stations to the Hyperkin RetroN 1, the best retro console on the market.

As a participant in Tecmo Madison you will notice no gameplay difference between the RetroN 1 and an original NES when connected to a CRT television – the play is flawless. Hyperkin has supplied the RetroN1s to all of us to help with one of our greatest needs…. systems!

We are pumped to have Hyperkin aboard as our console partner and are excited for our future together with Tecmo Madison + Hyperkin!

See you on April 7th!

Long Live Tecmo,