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Every fan of Tecmo Super Bowl has his own reason for loving the world’s best video game. Neil Roesler of Leonard, North Dakota gets his jollies from “the sheer calamity that ensues” when the defensive team guesses the offense’s play correctly.

Leonardite (left) w/ the Tecmo Godfather

Play-calling can never be taken lightly in competitive Tecmo. Roesler remembers playing a friend when an odd moment occurred. While first and goal, he picked a hail mary play that was blitzed on by his opponent.

“The gamesmanship is even worse with people you play against frequently,” says Roesler, alias Leonardite. “The over-thinking becomes absurd.”

But coming together with nerds of the same passion is what makes Tecmo so damn fun.

Roesler and his North Dakotan cronies, Joey S. (Dr. Frolf) and Barry A. (Bob Nelson), have traveled to Madison every year since Madison VII in 2011. Bryce M has joined them since Madison IX.

From the get-go, Roesler’s engagement with Tecmo culture has been spirited.

“The stories made at these tournaments have been absurd, rarely involve Tecmo, and should largely be confined to the dark web,” Roesler witticises.

But as human nature proves time and again, such is the stuff that fulfilling memories are made of. Buried in the guise of archaic video game simulation, many other Tecmo enthusiasts have found a rich community.

“The best part of Madison is the reunion with all the people we have met,” Roesler says.

“If everyone was a bunch of pricks buried in the stats and the results, I would have stopped going long ago. Instead, Madison is a can’t miss annual event, and my personal Tecmo calendar keeps growing a little bigger each year when the right opportunities arise.”

North Dakota has become yet another significant marker on the Tecmo community map, thanks to Roesler and his Peace Garden State squad.

The first “Burning Mort” was held in Leonard, North Dakota, on July 16th of 2016. While attended by a modest twelve competitors, the highly documented event was, by all recordable accounts, a smashing success.
Roesler insists that Burning Mort isn’t a tournament at all, but instead a “Tecmo Experience.” Involving hours of gameplay that are interrupted by frat house tomfoolery such as keg stands, the weekend was a largely shirtless bonding experience by all involved.

During the months-longed build-up to Burning Mort, the event page on TecmoBowl.org produced many predictions as to what the heck this new “Tecmo Experience” would be. Fittingly, Roesler says that the closest speculation came by none other than the godfather of Tecmo.

“So it’s like the Ryder Cup on stupid,” offered Knobbe.

The Ryder Cup, of course, spins the solitary sport of golf into a cooperative adventure, while the Tecmo Ryder Cup does the same for the sport of Tecmo Super Bowl.

In his personal quest for Tecmo greatness, Leonardite has made headway during his last two Madison appearances, advancing past the first knock-out round in his last two efforts.

Look for Leonardite to garner a karmic boost from his recent contributions to the Tecmo Community via Burning Mort. A sweet sixteen birth is certainly within his reach.

But much more importantly, so are new Tecmo memories.

Neil is the author of the hilarious Tecmo Bowl meme site, Leonardite.com.