Tecmo Dallas Recap

Tecmo Dallas I was a huge success! Thanks to everyone that came out!

Let’s Play Gaming Expo was incredible. While we were the sidecar event, it was amazing to be in the midst of 5,000 people, 1,100 of which were gamers there from all of the world to compete.

We sold out at our capped 32 and had a few no shows, but we also had notables from the local scene show up and bring it. Tecmo “God” Lee took Suicide King to the ropes, with SK squeaking out a last minute TD. Will C. (from Pan Handle Tecmo) hung with Regulator for 3.5 quarters in a tied game.

Our final 8 featured: joeygats, Regulator, Ashman, Big Hock, Nos, Neerrm, duecethasa1nt & suicideking81.

We had a TMXIII finals rematch with Regulator & Gats going head to head in a final round best of 3. They provided 3 awesome games, game 1 especially, with Regulator coming out on top.

Thanks to suicideking81 for bringing his setup so we could have a stream. If we do Tecmo Dallas again, there will be marked improvements in a lot of ways. We’ll keep ya’ll updated as always.

Tecmo Dallas I – Joeygats vs Regulator – Finals Game 1

Tecmo Dallas I – Joeygats vs Regulator – Finals Game 1
The ending of this is ridiculous. You have to watch it.

Posted by Tecmo Super Bowl on Monday, August 7, 2017